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By Jarrisha A. Rorie, M.A., Charlotte, NC

From the desk of Dr. Mendez Fernandez of Zambia


The Medicine

This herbal medicine, Topvein is 99% effective against all HIV-1subtypes.



A person only has a disease as pneumonia or malaria or meningitis as long as he or she is symptomatic and the germ causing the disease is present, destroy that germ and eradicate the clinical symptoms, isn’t the person cured?


That is what Topvein, our clinically tested herbal medicine destroys the germs and eradicate the clinical symptoms of AIDS and all AIDS Related Complexes to restore good health by a record margin of 99% without side effects. That’s the best one can ever achieve in the medical history with alternative medicine.



Topvein is a trade name of this scientifically tested herbal medicine that is used as the best alternative medicine in the treatment and cure of HIV and AIDS at 99% effective.



Topvein, the natural herbal AIDS CURE gets rid of all opportunistic infections (Viral load) responsible for all the 35 opportunistic diseases found in the AIDS spectrum thereby preventing the occurrence of AIDS, reversing full blown AIDS and preventing subsequent death.


Topvein restores ones natural immunity by naturally growing and increasing ones natural CD4 count without side effects and getting rid of all toxins from the blood system and vital organs.


It kills the actual cause (infections) of all complications seen in AIDS or AIDS Related Complexes (ARC) by going deep in the very places of the body largely attacked by opportunistic infections.



Topvein met all the objectives of the Observatory Clinical Study by the National AIDS Council which included evaluating Safety and Efficacy as well as Physical and Clinical status of HIV positive clients.


Topvein met both the safety and Efficacy Standards of the clinical study as designed by National AIDS Council beating all the rest to produce 99% of good medical test results in the trial period.


Further, the official report indicates that: clinical (physical) status showed:

1. Increase in body weight

2. Increase in appetite

3. No opportunistic infections such as meningitis, TB STI and diarrhea

4. Increase in CD4 cell count by 99%

5. Viral load reduction

6. There was no toxicity which can be attributed to Topvein

7. Liver function tests were normal

8. Kidney function tests were normal

9. Biochemistry of the blood e.g. hemoglobin was normal

10. There were no deaths recorded


Topvein is effective against all opportunistic infections and 35 diseases due to HIV-1 subtype B and subtype C which is largely found in the sub Saharan region and also HIV-2.


Topvein has no side effects in both humans and animals and has never shown any known side effects when tested in children and pregnant women.


Topvein naturally regenerates white cells both CD4 and CD8 cells which make up the immune system the body uses to fight off diseases.


It repairs all the damaged cells in all the vital organs and gets rid of all the toxins and heavy elements out of your system for your well-being.


It reduces the viral load to undetectable (zero) levels and out of your system which is a sure confirmation the infections are actually killed.


In many taking Topvein, a negative HIV lab test result is achieved in about 12 months.



one can easily tell Topvein works by an increase in your CD4 cell Count and a reduction in the Viral load. These results can only be obtained through a lab test.


Secondly, you can tell Topvein works by observing all the clinical symptoms of a disease begin disappearing in barely a month.


Thirdly, Topvein is scientifically graded at 99% more effective to HIV/ AIDS and stronger than any other herbal formula available on earth.



In an effort to finding an alternative medicine to treat and cure HIV/AIDS with local initiatives, under President Dr. Levy P. Mwanawasa, SC. (deceased), the Zambia Government through the Ministry of Health in conjunction with The National AIDS Council and the Traditional Health Practitioners of Zambia (THPAZ), conducted an Open Observational and Exploratory clinical study for six months between 17th November 2005 and 25th April 2006.


A second clinical trial report further indicates the preliminary results suggest that there is early scientific evidence which substantiates the traditional use of Topvein. And that the interesting findings were of great importance to the region. The work is providing baseline data on potential anti HIV activities of plants from the region. It is also providing an alternative and cheap source of anti HIV therapy for the region and the world.


This second clinical trial was done in China under the auspices of The Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories under the title: Purification of a trypsin-stable lectin with antiproliferative and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity / Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications • Volume 301, Issue 2, 7 February 2003, Pages 545-550 / doi:10.1016/S0006-291X(02)03080-2. And also under the title: Lipids and other constituents of Vigna unguiculata and Phaseolus vulgaris grown in northern Nigeria /A Onwuliri and J A Obu / Food Chemistry • Volume 78, Issue 1, July 2002, Pages 1-7 • doi:10.1016/S0308-8146(00)00293-4. The third clinical study was done in the Philippines under The Philippines Alternative Medicines, all with similar medical conclusions.


And to formerly recognize the role of Topvein as alternative medicine in the treatment and cure of AIDS in Zambia, The Government produced a confidential report code named “ACTION-TAKEN REPORT” through the committee on Health, Community Development and Social Welfare which was presented to Parliament by his Honour, then Vice President to President Mwanawasa, Mr. Lupando A.F.K. Mwape, MP, for the 5th session of the 9th National Assembly appointed on 19th January, 2006 and adopted on the 9th June, 2006.



Rocks O’River Merchants acquired the legal rights of the original Mayeyannin from the traditional herbalist to both clinically modernize and commercialize it throughout the world under our best selling brand of Topvein.


Thus, Topvein, a legal brand and Trade Mark of Rocks O’River Merchants containing the powerful herbal concoction of mayeyannin in an enriched and refined formula for your best results.


And with a decade dedicated to constant research and understanding of HIV/AIDS as much as product improvement, Topvein has since attained this refined product formula, texture, with unmatched strength one can ever find contained in any medicine in the medical history of HIV/AIDS. Take Topvein and be rest assured of a restored health and negative test at last.


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A parliamentary confidential report reveals that the 3 herbal formulas which the Zambian government tested between 2005 and 2006 through NAC are graded as follows: Topvein (mayeyannin) - is 99% effective against HIV/ AIDS. Second in line is SF-2000 graded at 70%. And third is Mailaicin grade at 60% effective. See contents page above. Topvein is the best of all herbal formulas tested against HIV and AIDS.

To order Topvein in the United States contact us at toll free 1-888-503-3175 ext.101

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1:05 AM on May 12, 2013 
Dear sir
i am from india.can you help me to get this medicine for me.I can only maintain contact through email.Hence can you give me the valid email id to
communicate with DR. MENDEZ FERNANDEZ.
Thank you
Reply Jarrisha Rorie
6:11 AM on May 14, 2013 
VIJAYAKUMAR you can send email to: and someone will get you the proper information immediately.
3:42 PM on June 4, 2013 
Reply aman
4:51 AM on July 28, 2013 
i want topvein capsules, i am from india ..give me the prise & availebility of such medecianes.
Reply goitsemodimo sebuso
9:16 AM on September 20, 2013 
do you have tablets too if so,can you tell me how much,send your email address and contact number for Zambia.
Reply Sicelo
12:32 PM on October 15, 2013 
I am interested in this TopVein... How much is it? How can I order?
Reply Rajesh
3:01 AM on October 24, 2013 
details to know hiv cure?

connect wto attacks and tressure from india(kerala) ,so come fast.

Rajesh from Hosur-635109,india,(Tamil Nadu)
Reply Pavarotti
6:30 AM on October 30, 2013 
I would like to know how one can get a licence to sell this product Topvein. Can a person who is not hiv take this medicine?
I would like to be an agent of this product. Its quite interesting.
Many Thanks
Reply Jarrisha Rorie
8:04 AM on October 30, 2013 
Please visit and click on Become An Affiliate at the Top of the Webpage.
Reply julliana
5:04 PM on November 14, 2013 
my name is julliana.
Truthfully i was tested HIV + positive last 3 years. I keep on managing the drugs i usually purchase from the health care agency to keep me healthy and strengthen, i tried all i can too make this disease leave me alone, but unfortunately it keep on eating me up this is what i caused myself, for allowing my frank make sex to me insecurely without protection, although i never knew he is HIV positive. So last few 4 days i came in contact with a lively article on the internet on how this Powerful Herb Healer get her well and healed. So as a patient i knew this will took my life 1 day, and i need to live with other friends and relatives too. So i copied out the Dr UMORU BELLO the traditional healer?s via email: and I mailed him immediately, in a little while he mail me back that i was welcome to his temple home were by all what i seek for are granted. I was please at that time. And i continue with him, he took some few details from me and told me that he shall get back to as soon as he is through with my work. I was very happy as heard that from him. So Yesterday, as i was just coming from my friends house, Dr UMORU called me to go for checkup in the hospital and see his marvelous work that it is now HIV negative, i was very glad to hear that from him, so i quickly rush down to the nearest hospital to found out, only to hear from my hospital doctor called CLARK PENA that i am now HIV NEGATIVE. I jump up at him with the test note, he ask me how does it happen and i recede to him all i went through with Dr UMORU BELLO I am now glad, so i am a gentle type of person that need to share this testimonies to everyone who seek for healing, because once you get calm and quiet, so the disease get to finish your life off. So i will advise you to contact him Today for your healing at the above details: Email ID: CONTACT HIM NOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE if you want ask any question my email: i am so glad so to anwser any body in my formal statues. ones again thanks to DR UMORU BELLO for HE IS SO POWERFUL AND HELPFUL.
Reply mrs lidia
9:21 PM on December 4, 2013 
i Am giving this testimony because someone out there may have similar problem,my husband think polygamy is not wrong, he has been seeing another girl for the past 1yrs now, and i told him he need to stop but he is saying he is in love with her, they have even talk about been together "FOREVER" and also her moving in with us,my husband still love me
he regret getting into this at the first place,but not willing to break-up with her,he says if they so break-up, there will be no other relationship outside our matrimony. Then i explain and complain to my VERY GOOD FRIEND called MERCY, and she contacted me with one spellcaster called DR,ogidigan I pray that ALMIGHTY GOD will continue to use
you to help other people. my fellow ones at there do not die in silent because someone like dr ogidigan has a solution to your problem, no matter the problem just contact him with ogidiganspelltemple@GMAIL.COM. cos i am living happily now with my family. just contact him he is powerful so he can cast any spell for u. success to you friends.
Reply Mohammed syed
2:57 PM on January 28, 2014 
my brother hiv peshanat so iwant topvein medicine parches from india so please tell me india address what is the benefit this medicine
Reply kemonilwe kevin morgan
5:10 AM on April 1, 2014 
hi! how much is a bottle of topvein in pula,and how many botles should one take for the viral load to be undictetable.
Reply Loveness Nakaonga Mutimushi
5:37 AM on April 14, 2014 
I would like to learn more about the drug and how I have access to it.
Reply suresh
2:26 PM on May 8, 2014 
i want hiv premeditation Topvein Curing
Reply suresh
2:33 PM on May 8, 2014 
i want hiv cure mediation i am from india.can you help me to get this medicine for me.I can only maintain contact through email.Hence can you give me the valid email id to communicate with DR. MENDEZ FERNANDEZ. TOPVEIN HERBAL SUPPLEMENT 99% EFFECTIVE CURE HIV/AIDS immediatelyu want medisation my mobile no.09703529939 and my mail
6:16 AM on July 30, 2014 
i want distrubutr for bangalore
Reply hormi
6:48 AM on August 19, 2014 
sir where can i have access to topvein in india,and what is duration of the course and price.please reply thanking you
Reply elizabeth
10:10 PM on August 25, 2014 
Hello my name is elizabeth moore i live in frankfurt,Germany,Please help me thank dr.UTAKO for his good work I really believe HIV
has no cure I was HIV positive over since 1 year plus before I came
across a comment about dr.UTAKO that he has cured so any disease and virus
but when I saw it i thought in mind that he can't cure HIV I just
decided to give IT A try I contact him that night lucky for me he said yes
but I did not believe him I thought it was a scam or some thing but I still hold on to see the work of dr.utako if he was for real, he ask for different things and some questions about me I gave him
all the detail he needed and I waited to see his reply to my problem
after some time he sent me all the remedies i directs me on how to use them he ask me to go for check up after 7 days which i did, I could not believe It when i saw the test result that shows that i was hiv negative. all thanks to dr.utako for saving me
from dying at this age. if you need help on any illness or disease contact him now. OR CALL HIM 07054419907.
Reply Anita
1:34 AM on March 11, 2015 
Dr alabokun thank you for the time you make to save my life i have suffered a lot to get health out from this diseases HIV aids, been in my body for years i take a lot of different drugs and herbs no one work. but just a try of your herbs for few weeks i am now free from this disease i really appreciate God will continuously bless you i will always remember you and testify for your good. pleas i want yu`all to know there is a cure on HIV aids so that you will also be free out from it. is my propose of showing this mail. give him a try you will also testify good about him.